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Frequently Asked Questions – Raleigh Dentist Service

Have questions about a particular dental service we offer? At Glenwood Village Dentistry, it’s important to us that we answer any questions our patients and prospective patients may have. Review a few of the questions we’re frequently asked below, and feel free to call our Raleigh dental office at (919) 782-4444 if your question isn’t answered below. Our friendly staff is always pleased to assist you!

Q. Is dental treatment painful?
A. No. Dental treatment is very comfortable and pain-free when administered by professionals like Dr. Walker Franklin.

Q. How often should I have my teeth cleaned?
A. The American Dental Association recommends twice a year for patients with healthy gums and 3-4 times a year for patients whose gums bleed during flossing or brushing.

Q. Is it possible to keep my teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime?
A. Yes. Excellent oral hygiene combined with routine dental and preventive care will ensure healthy gums for life.

Q. What does it mean when my gums bleed while I brush and floss?
A. This is a clear sign that Periodontal Disease is present and needs to be treated immediately. This condition leads to tooth loss when left untreated.

Q. Does the office follow strict infection control protocols?
A. Yes, the office follows all American Dental Association guidelines for infection control as well as being fully compliant with OSHA.

Q. Can I ask questions during my visit?
A. Of course! Our staff will always listen to your concerns and answer your questions in easy to understand terms. We encourage our patients to be involved with all decisions regarding their treatment.

Q. Is it easy to schedule an appointment?
A. Yes, our patients are always given appointments with a reasonable time period. Please contact us for all your Raleigh dentistry needs today!

Q. Is the office available in the event of a dental emergency?
A. Yes. Our Raleigh office has a doctor on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and any emergency patients are seen and treated immediately.

Q. Are dental x-rays harmful?
A. No, our digital x-ray technology is state of the art and minimizes patient exposure. The office follows all American Dental Association guidelines for the frequency of administering radiographs.

Q. Is it possible to make my teeth whiter?
A. Yes, we provide professional teeth whitening & tooth bleaching for all our Raleigh patients.

Q. Do I have to be fitted with silver fillings?
A. No, our office uses composite resin fillings for visible teeth, ensuring that they are tooth-colored. Our mercury-free tooth fillings all look real and natural.

Q. Does my gum have to be blue and have metal show around my cap?
A. No, our office uses all-porcelain or hybrid crowns constructed of porcelain and metal alloys. Each of these options will match surrounding teeth, with all-porcelain crowns looking slightly more natural.

Q. Does my partial denture require these ugly metal clasps?
A. No, we secure your partial denture to surrounding teeth that are healthy and strong, eliminating the need for metal clasps.

Q. Do I have to wear something that I remove periodically to replace missing teeth?
A. No, with implant dentistry, dentures can be considered temporary.

Glenwood Village Dentistry Patient Reviews

"Glenwood Village Dentistry has taken care of my family's teeth since I came to Raleigh in 1992. They have always provided excellent service. I actually look forward to getting my teeth cleaned when the appointment comes along."- Jim K.
"The best Dental Experience in my life. Staff Professionalism Outstanding!!! My Dentist was kind, gentle, and concerned about my issue. Tooth extraction was quick and I am Grateful!!!! DO VISIT for your dental needs!! ♡"- Magnolia W.
"Glenwood Village Dentistry have been taking care of my daughter and I for 11 years now. The service is great and we actually look forward to our visits there. They are completely trustworthy."- Anya M.
"I've been going to Glenwood Village Dentistry for 7 years (since I moved to Raleigh). If you're looking for a new dentist in Raleigh, you should definitely give them a call."- John F.