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Digital X-Ray Technology

Dental X-Ray MachineWe’re passionate about our clientele and we believe that your health comes first, which is why Glenwood Village Dentistry is proud to offer patients cutting-edge technology through the use of Digital X-Rays. By using this kind of exposure, we can better diagnose and treat issues found inside of your mouth.

Why Digital X-Rays?

One of the most important elements in dental care, X-Rays help dentists see underlying causes of pain, disease and more. With thorough analysis of these images, we can diagnose and treat problems like tooth decay and impacted teeth. Digital X-Rays are also a way to asses the status of already performed procedures, like crowns, fillings, oral surgeries and more.

This technology provides patients with 80% less exposure to harmful radiation. There’s no need for processing chemicals, and producing a vivid X-Ray picture is a much faster process than waiting on the development of traditional X-Rays.

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Dr. Franklin and his talented team of hygienists are passionate about serving you. Fill out our contact form online or call us at (919) 782-4444 to find out more about how Digital X-Ray technology can help diagnose, treat and maintain your beautiful smile.

Glenwood Village Dentistry Patient Reviews

"Glenwood Village Dentistry has taken care of my family's teeth since I came to Raleigh in 1992. They have always provided excellent service. I actually look forward to getting my teeth cleaned when the appointment comes along."- Jim K.
"The best Dental Experience in my life. Staff Professionalism Outstanding!!! My Dentist was kind, gentle, and concerned about my issue. Tooth extraction was quick and I am Grateful!!!! DO VISIT for your dental needs!! ♡"- Magnolia W.
"Glenwood Village Dentistry have been taking care of my daughter and I for 11 years now. The service is great and we actually look forward to our visits there. They are completely trustworthy."- Anya M.
"I've been going to Glenwood Village Dentistry for 7 years (since I moved to Raleigh). If you're looking for a new dentist in Raleigh, you should definitely give them a call."- John F.