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Mercury-Free Teeth Fillings Raleigh

Mercury Free Tooth Fillings RaleighIn traditional dentistry, amalgam fillings have been used for decades. Recently, though, there’s been a controversy in the dental world surrounding the mercury that is used in the makeup of traditional dental amalgam. This mercury can potentially seep into a patient’s mouth and expose them to unhealthy levels of the deadly element.

What Are Mercury-Free Teeth Fillings?

A mercury-free tooth-colored filling is a composite resin made up of a combination of plastic, glass and silica. The composite resins are mixed and hardened into place, making them look real and natural, just like the other teeth in your mouth. The technology of creating these mercury-free composite fillings has greatly advanced, and while they were previously considered weaker than traditional amalgam fillings, a new combination of strong, durable materials now make a lasting filling that’s completely free of mercury.

What is the Advantage of Mercury-Free Fillings?

At Glenwood Village Dentistry, we strictly use mercury-free fillings for the health and well-being of our patients. These fillings are an effective way to prevent tooth decay or bacteria build-up in already damaged teeth. Mercury-free fillings protect the tooth the same way amalgam fillings do, but without the added risk of mercury exposure.

Primarily used for cosmetic reasons, tooth-colored composite fillings are now the preferred method of cavity fillings. They provide you with the natural, durable look of real teeth, enlightening your smile and brightening your day!

How Are Fillings Implemented

To implement a filling, Dr. Franklin will remove the decayed tooth material, clean the area thoroughly and fill the cavity with a mercury-free filling material. For fillings that are placed on more noticeable teeth, such as the front teeth, Dr. Franklin prefers to use tooth-colored fillings.

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