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ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening Raleigh

Oral Cancer Screening at Glenwood VillageStudies show that 15-20% of all adults will have some form of oral cancer within their lifetime. In order to most effectively combat this risk, Dr. Kelleher is now providing ViziLite Plus cancer screening services. ViziLite Plus cancer screening helps prevent and stop oral cancer by identifying and controlling cancerous cells very early on. It identifies the soft tissue abnormalities in the other regions of the body, which can correlate into oral cancer. Few dentists realize the effectiveness and opportunity that ViziLite gives to the patient's care. That is why Doctor Kelleher uses ViziLite Plus to better investigate and understand causes of oral cancer and other dental problems.

ViziLite Plus is a new technology designed to assist in early detection of abnormal tissue. When ViziLite passes over tissue, healthy tissue will appear dark, whereas abnormal tissue will appear white. This lets us identify the problem areas to concentrate on and investigate further.

Without ViziLite technology, dentists would not be able to identify and treat oral cancers as quickly. The earlier a dentist can identify these types of cancerous growths, the better they can treat the cancer, and prevent it from spreading elsewhere.

Dentists recommend being screened for oral cancers annually. For more information on ViziLite Plus Screening, or to have your own ViziLite Plus Screening, please call to schedule an appointment at (919) 782-4444.